Axel Jenson is a Brooklyn-based photographer and designer

Born and raised in Singapore, Axel holds a BFA in Photography from Pratt Institute.

With formal training in digital photography and traditional (along with non-silver) darkroom processes, Axel specializes in portraiture and the documentation of artwork with a keen eye for color correction. 

Bringing a multicultural and conceptual approach to photography, Axel’s personal work focuses on under-represented demographics, shedding light on new perspectives. They have studied the sociological impact of images and apply this knowledge when sequencing images in photo stories.

Axel brings a collaborative approach to design with great sensitivity to the unique needs of each client, creating dynamic deliverables perfect for print and social media campaigns. Axel has worked for clients such as the nonprofit Asian American Writers’ Workshop, fabrication studio IN.SEK Design, and artists Karen Atta and Wardell Milan.

In Axel's free time, they enjoy playing the bass guitar, reading speculative fiction and going to art shows.